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          Wuzhou Ally Protect Co., Ltd.,

          Wuzhou Ally Protect Co., Ltd.

          Wuzhou Ally Protect Co., Ltd., established in 2008, and focus in research&development and manufacture for welding protection. We hold more than 200 excellent producers and managers with more than 13 years experience in welding protect manufacture We hold two factories in Wuzhou city Guangxi and Foshan city of Guangdong, the monthly productivity can reach more than USD250, 0000...?

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          AP-2130  Golden Leather Welding Jacket

          AP-2130 Golden Leather Welding

          [ AP ]CE certificated.Full leather welding jacket for perfect protecti...

          AP-2830 Yellow Grain & Brown Split Leather welding Jacket

          AP-2830 Yellow Grain & Brown Spl

          [ AP ]This is NEW design.Grain calfskin body for deluxe soft & comfort...

          AP-2188/2189 Golden Leather Cape Sleeves&Bib

          AP-2188/2189 Golden Leather Cape

          [ AP ]Split cowhide cape sleeves with bib garment offering the perfect...

          AP-2730 Orange FR & Golden Leather W/HI-VIS Reflective Tape Jacket

          AP-2730 Orange FR & Golden Leath

          This is NEW design.HI-VIS reflective tape for more safety protection i...

          AP-2230 Golden Leather Welding Pants

          AP-2230 Golden Leather Welding P

          Gallus design.Yellow colour for fashion and showy....

          AP-2042 Golden Leather Welding Chap

          AP-2042 Golden Leather Welding C

          [ AP ]Design for cool and comfort. Economy leather chap protection to ...

          AP-6830 Blue FR Jacket

          AP-6830 Blue FR Jacket

          Perfect for the welder/worker who work under the risk of flame and fir...

          AP-9700 Blue FR Pants

          AP-9700 Blue FR Pants

          Perfect for the welder/worker who work under the risk of flame and fir...

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Emma Wong

          Phone: 13378483009

          Tel: 86-021-61739498

          Email: info@allyprotect.com

          Add: Longsheng, Tianping Town, Teng County, Wuzhou, China 543311

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